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MK:demon of the mist ch.31
Mk: demon of the mist
Morning since last night
Shoa Khan had a meeting with his allies o are Kano, Kabal, Shang Tsung, Quan chi , and Kasai. He give them all a look of disappointment (most was toward Shang Tsung)
“This twice that you fail me. Shang Tsung.” He Scowled with a bitter tone. Shang Tsung wised prey he don’t get punish or worse.
“Not only had you made another flawed clone. Kitana and Mileena Knows about it.” Shoa Khan slamming his staff in rage.
“Master, she just needs more time then she’ll-“
“Enough! Kano how is this project you and Lin Kaui?”
Kano glubed always nervous to talk to Shoa Khan
“Yea mat. We are working a better cyborg. Sektor and Cyrax were just porotypes. Kabal will explain it more.”
Kabal was widen eyes being put on the spot. Impressing a warlord who have conquesded relams wasn’t his strong suit.
“Well, the Lin Kaui volunteer to make there assassin stronger. We spend year
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Mortal Kombat: demon of the mist ch.30
Mortal Kombat: demon of the mist
Ch.30 the real battle
Sub-zero help Smoke up and told Khameleon that they were about to head back, when everyone hear a noise in forest everyone got into there fighting stance for whatever out there.
As the figure was getting Khameleon, Sub-zero, and Smoke recognize this who this was when the figure close to the group.
“Noob Saibot?” Sub-zero and Smoke said at the same time with bit of confession in there voice as they both wonder why Noob was here.
Noob just stare at the group of people who was about ready kick his ass any second now. He knew he have no chance one against all of them. He can’t believe he agree on doing this being a massager.
~flash back~
Noob walk for what seem to be hours to him in outworld forest and he was pretty fed up at this point. All he wanted to do go back to castle but he really didn’t want to deal with blue ninja he met earlier. It still bother him that something deep in his mind and soul that blue ni
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mortal kombat:demon of the mist
Demon of the mist ch.29
The mysterious guess
Smoke was still not sure if he should trust this man. For one he should the only one in here. Hydro always told him that the mind can only be reach with the one who own it. Which to him impossible for the man to enter in his mind. Not only that but for some reason this person remind of someone but he couldn’t put his finger on it.
“I’m sorry I many post a threat, but I insure you I’m out.” The hood man handled his handout “well we still have some time together before you wake up.”
“Wake up?”
“Yep, this is a mindscape remember? It like a dream that you can always return to look like someone wasn’t pay attention when Hydro taught you.”
Smoke blushed from the comment but he ignored it.
“Well come along. Stand here is a boring thing.” As the hooded man lead Smoke to a weird looking door. It had chain around it and it have a weird looking symbol on it. Smoke also
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Mortal Kombat ch.28
Mortal Kombat: demon of the mist
Ch. 28 sweet dreams
Back on the mountain
All the earthrealmer were recovering from the ambush that Shoa Khan had set up. Raiden asked Lu Kang and Kung Leo watch guard. While everyone else were healing there wound.
Sonya, Johnny Cage, Jax (who now have metal arms), night wolf, and Raiden was talking to each other as to why the tournament haven’t restarted and why Shoa Khan would try sneak attack.
On the other side was Khameleon, Kabal (who join them short are they arrived), Sub-Zero, and Smoke who was is still unconscious.
“What the hell happen to him?” Kabal asked wondering what happen while he was gone.  “And where in the hell is Hydro?!”
“Shh! Can you keep your voice down?” Sub-zero said trying not to cause too much attention to themselves
“To answer your question. Hydro is dead, Sektor killed him.” Said with little emotion in his voice. But Kabal can tell that his is very angry
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Mk: demon of the mist ch.27
Mortal Kombat: demon of the mist
Ch.27 army of war 
“I still don’t get why you guys want to come back here? It smell like death.” Scorpion said as we he look in disgust of all dead fail experiment.
“And I thought you would be used to this in the neitherealm.” Mileena said as she rolled eye as look through the box of junk in Shang Tsung’s chamber.
“At least it smell better down there then here.” Scorpion turn his head towards the table full of paper on it. He began looking through it “what are we exactly are we looking for?”
“A clue of why Shoa khan is creating these clones.” Kitana said as she was reading one of Shang Tsung notes. “I get the feeling he not only make them just to replace us.”
On the paper that is was read are note of not only of cloning her and Mileena. But also cloning of Reptile, Rain, and even her very own mother. Also so far Mileena seem to be the only functional clone so far. W
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Mortal Kombat: demon of the mist ch.26
Mortal Kombat: demon of the mist
Ch.26 awake up call
*Back on mountain*
Sub-zero was shocked to see Smoke who came out nowhere. Not only that but choking the life of Sektor seeing a red aura around it just likes that time when they were trying to escape from Lin Kaui. Sub-zero know something was wrong this time. The aura around him stronger than last time.  
“Smoke!” Sub-zero yelled before being pinned to ground. At first he couldn’t figure out what was pinning on the ground. He turn to see who was, but all he saw was just fog.
How can fog put me down?!
While Sub-zero was struggling to back free of the fog. Smoke had one thing on his mind to kill all sense of reason was gone.
*ERROR ERROR* heh * ERROR* heh HAHA! Funny how you guys said I’m a monster! *ERROR* Now who the really monster *ERROR* Sektor studded out as static came out of his body. Smoke squeeze tighter wishing he just do this for ever. Getting rid of someone who one of his only friends and cause
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Mortal kombat:demon of the mist ch.25
Mortal Kombat: Demon of the Mist
Ch.25 the attack
“I want lots and lots children. I think 500 is a good start would you say? And I want most them to be girl and…” Khameleon said, lost in her own world fantasy to Reptile. While Reptile is trying to comprehend what she saying.
“Wow, I’m kind of feel sorry for him.” Muttered as he was watching the scene from across the room. Juki nodded “Well least one of them is looking forward to it.”
“Well. I’m happy if she just leave as soon as possible.” Rain looked at Khameleon again “or at least shut up.”
“Sadly I have to agree with you.” Juki said as she pulled out her orb. “I guess I should see what ever one else is doing.”
“You must be really worry about son.”
“Yea I-“then Juki realize what Rain just “hey how did you-“Rain smirked “You’re not the only one who know ever thing.”
“That be
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It take balls by Koolcece22 It take balls :iconkoolcece22:Koolcece22 2 4 Hawii 2 by Koolcece22 Hawii 2 :iconkoolcece22:Koolcece22 1 4 sad dog by Koolcece22 sad dog :iconkoolcece22:Koolcece22 1 0 Hawii 1 by Koolcece22 Hawii 1 :iconkoolcece22:Koolcece22 1 0
Mk: Demon of the mist Ch.24:
Mk: Demon of the mist
Ch.24: The Raid
Sub-Zero left the bathroom hoping that Juki would be mentally o.k.
“So what did she want you to talk about?” Sub-zero wasn’t really pat attention of what Smoke said until him repeat again.
“Uh…it was something personally that all.”
Sub-Zero then head toward the window gets some fresh air. The air was cool in earthrealm. He then noticed Smoke was next to him. “Smoke, do you remember when you try to regain your memory?” Smoke nodded recalling the memory
15 year old Tomas was mediating in his room. While most boys were outside training or resting he decide to spend his free time concentrate to find his lost memory. Each time he does this he gets nothing. It almost seems to be block.
He usually kept meditating until he either get a headache or get frustrated to point he want to throw something at the wall.
*knock knock*
Smoke snapped out of meditation when he heard a knock o
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Mortal Kombat demon of the mist ch.23
Mortal Kombat demon of the mist:
Ch.23 A shadowy talk
Noob didn’t know what to do know. At first he was thinking of finding his yellow wraith “friend”. Not wanting to get in trouble. It truth he didn’t like Quan Chi either. If he had a choice he would have kill Quan Chi the moment that he had resurrected him. But there was someone else that he had deep fear toward: Shinnok.
Shinnok is the most powerful being in the Netherealm, well what Noob had heard. Sareena once told him that Scorpion once challenge Shinnok after the first Mortal Kombat tournament. He barely laid a scratch on him. Noob was kind of surprised that Scorpion is still “alive” after that stunt. Maybe after the tournament Shinnok would get rid of Scorpion or maybe him too. Feeling of being used ever since he was reborn he always way felt that way.
Noob look up forgetting that he wasn’t alone. That he was in a room full of ninjas plus a kid, Cyborg, and a masked m
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Joki, demon form Juki by Koolcece22 Joki, demon form Juki :iconkoolcece22:Koolcece22 0 2
mk: demon of the mist ch.22
MK: Demon of the mist
The return
“See I told you. I get you there. Didn’t I?” Khameleon said proudly and pointed at Shoa Khan’s castle
“Wow I have to hand it to you. I did have my doubt” Jade stated”
“Well you shouldn’t.” Khameleon began to walk off “Now let go to my future husband.” Smoke and Jade eyes widen as they realize Khameleon was going to walk to the front of the gate. They quickly grabbed her an pull her back in the bushes.
“Hey, what the big idea?” she yelled before Smoke and Jade cut her off. “You can’t go walking through the gate front gate. The guards will kill you.” Jade stated making sure that none of the guards saw her.
“Is there another way in?” Smoke asked
Jade nodded and leaf them to the opening to balcony of her room “Uh, how are we suppose to get up there?” Khameleon wondered
“Teleport, of course. Unfortunately I can only
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so yea trying something new. i wanted to make an original story for an long time so i thought why not now. im not getting any younger. im still working on demon of the mist.


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